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[Week 14 - Schuldig] Submission

Another character theme, in the hopes of boosting participation! For Week 14, the theme is Schuldig, meaning that you can do whatever you'd like with your icon, provided it features Schuldig. (You could also use the German word schuldig (guilty) if you're not a fan of the red-headed psychic. ;)) In addition, other characters may also be present in your icons.

-You may submit up to three icons, or less if you prefer.
-Do not advertise your submission until after the contest has ended.
-Make sure your icon fits LJ standards (at max 100x100 pixels, 40kb)
-Submit all icons/urls to this post via comment; all comments will be screened.

Your submissions should look something like:


Submissions are due Friday, February 16th at 11PM EST.

Also, don't forget to vote for Week 13, if you haven't already!
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