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[Week 15 - Red] Extension + VOTING REMINDER!

One person has submitted to Week 15, and thus will there be another extension. All submissions are now due this Friday, April 6th by 11PM EDT to this post, so please do submit something if you get the chance. ^^

ALSO: Week 14 still needs votes. If you have not already voted (only three of you have) PLEASE GO TO THIS POST AND VOTE. I promise, guys, voting does not entail death or horrendous suffering or whatever seems to be keeping you all from voting.
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[Week 15 - Red] Extension

I apologize for the long mod absence, but we have no icons for Week 15, so we're kind of in need of an extension, anyway. ^^; I'm going to try extending this week just until this Friday, so please try to get some icons in if you can!

The submission post can be found here.

The new deadline for submissions is this Friday, March 30th at 11PM EST.

EDIT: Also, I completely forgot the winners for Week 14 hadn't been posted yet! I would like to do that as quickly as possible, however, only two people have voted thus far. Please, if you haven't voted already, DO SO HERE.
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[Week 14 - Schuldig] Voting

Sorry for the wait, everyone! I haven't had much online time recently due to midterms and midterm-related stress, and so my modding abilities have suffered greatly as a result. In any case, we finally have enough icons to move onto voting, and so move onto voting we shall!

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Good luck, everyone! purkledragon is going on hiatus for a bit, due to limited net access, so I'll have a new theme up in her stead shortly. In the meantime, I'm also looking for another mod. No prior experience or anything is necessary, but if you're interested, feel free to comment to this post or email me [becbet @ msn.com]. Help would be very much appreciated. ^^
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[Week 14 - Schuldig] Extension

Only two icons so far, so I'm thinking we'll try extending this theme another week. (Schuldig needs more love!) So if you get the chance, we'd love to see your Schuldig-inspired icons. ;)

The new submission deadline is next Friday, February 23rd at 11PM EST and the submission post may still be located here.
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[Week 14 - Schuldig] Submission

Another character theme, in the hopes of boosting participation! For Week 14, the theme is Schuldig, meaning that you can do whatever you'd like with your icon, provided it features Schuldig. (You could also use the German word schuldig (guilty) if you're not a fan of the red-headed psychic. ;)) In addition, other characters may also be present in your icons.

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Submissions are due Friday, February 16th at 11PM EST.

Also, don't forget to vote for Week 13, if you haven't already!