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[Mod Post - Banners]

Sorry for the spam, everyone, but I've made a few of these posts in my other icontests and found they help immensely in keeping things organized. (They also make things so much easier to find...) In any case, this post contains links to the winners posts of past weeks that have yet to have banners made for them (as well as the banner maker assigned to those weeks), as well as links to complete banner posts (in case, for one reason or another, winners missed the banners post the first time around).

Incomplete Banners:
Week 07 - Women (hocus)
Week 08 - Blind (sasarai_stuff)
Week 10 - Lyrical (hocus)
Week 11 - The Bad Guys (sasarai_stuff)
Week 13 - Pictures (hocus)

Complete Banners:
Week 01 - Weiss
Week 02 - Weapons
Week 03 - Aya/Ran
Week 04 - Floral
Week 05 - OTP
Week 06 - Schwarz
Week 09 - Autumn
Week 12 - Hush
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