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wk_awards's Journal

Weiss Kreuz Icon Awards
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Welcome to wk_awards! wk_awards is a biweekly icontest dedicated to the anime Weiß Kreuz. If you're new to icontests, the procedure's pretty simple: every two weeks, a new theme will be posted, and members have until two weeks to make up to three icons relating to that theme. Members then vote on which icons they deem the best, and should you happen to win, you'll be presented with a lovely banner you can flaunt in the faces of your enemies display to the world.

So, does it sound like fun? I certainly hope so. If this is the icontest for you, why not join and begin competing today!

  ■ You MUST be a member in order to participate.
  ■ You may submit up to three icons per challenge.
  ■ All icons must be newly made, and should not have been displayed anywhere previously.
  ■ Icons must be compatible to Livejournal's current standards: up to 100x100px and 40KB.
  ■ Do not use fanart unless you've drawn it yourself. Doujinshi is fine.
  ■ If you've participated in a challenge, you're NOT allowed to vote for your own icon.
  ■ Do not get your friends to vote for you. The purpose is to keep this challenge fair.
  ■ Don't steal any of the icons made here! If a challenge is done and you wish to use an avatar, please let the maker know!
  ■ Enjoy participating in the challenge in any way, either by submitting or voting, of course!

This challenge occurs biweekly. Every otherFriday night a new theme will be given, and you'll be given two weeks to submit. Voting begins once the submission period closes. Please post your submission to the theme entry of that week. All comments will be screened so your submission will remain private. Make sure your image host has direct linking capabilities. Fortunately, once I've received the icon, I'll upload the avatar onto my account for privacy.

When submitting, please use the following format:

URL: http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f70/layouts_ahoy/wk_awards/commicon.png

Once submitting has been closed, voting will commence from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. A new theme will also be put up soon after submitting has been closed. In order to vote, you must be a member. Once the voting is closed, winners will be announced soon after. You will not be allowed to vote for your own avatar.

Awards will be given out in the following categories:
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

Other special awards are occasionally given out as well. (For example: Best Color, Most Creative, Mod's Choice, etc.)

Week 1: winners [weiss]
Week 2: winners [weapons]
Week 3: winners [aya/ran]
Week 4: winners [floral]
Week 5: winners [otp]
Week 6: winners [schwarz]
Week 7: winners [women]
Week 8: winners [blind]
Week 9: winners [autumn]
Week 10: winners [lyrical - schwarz]
Week 11: winners [the bad guys]
Week 12: winners [hush]
Week 13: winners [pictures]
Week 14: winners [schuldig]

Banner Makers:
sasarai_stuff - Week 11
acharne - Week 12
hocus - Week 13
sasarai_stuff - Week 14
acharne - Week 15
hocus - Week 16

ATTENTION BANNER MAKERS! For a more detailed banner making schedule, please check this post!

wk_awards is currently looking for banner makers. If you're interested, please reply to this entry.

This community is maintained by hocus, purkledragon and acharne. Should you need to contact one of the mods for any reason, please email [becbet @ msn.com], [purkledragon @ livejournal.com]